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About Us


Family Owned

Andy Roach founded Sunny Arizona Pool Service in 2012, after a successful, fifteen year professional hockey career in Europe and North America.  Sunny Arizona Pool Service is a boutique pool service company servicing the areas of north Scottsdale/Phoenix. 

The Sunny Arizona Pool Service team consists of Andy, Office Manager Mandy, Service Manager Chad, and 4 weekly service technician’s, including his brother DJ. Andy lives with his wife, Laurel, and daughters, Elma, London, and Medina in beautiful north Phoenix.


Andy Roach

President / Owner 

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Mandy - Office Manager

Mandy is an Arizona native. She lived in a very small town in Eastern Arizona growing up and moved to the city when she was 10 years old. She has a passion for working with people. She has 10 years of customer service experience. Previously she was in the medical field working as a Dental Assistant, and then she was operations manager at an animal hospital. She has two older sons who are her whole world. Mandy is an incredibly kind, caring person. Her warm manner causes people to feel very comfortable in her presence or over the phone. She strives to always give her customer’s the very best experience possible.

Daryl - Service Technician

Daryl is the younger brother of Andy and is the most senior member of the team.  He holds a degree in Elementary Education, and spent 8 years as an elementary teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina before moving into a service tech role for a turf management company.  When Andy decided to expand his business in Arizona, DJ was offered a position and he jumped at the opportunity.  DJ has learned the trade quickly and is able to diagnose most issues that come up in the field.  He enjoys the outdoors, working out, and playing fantasy football.

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